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Since our law firm´s foundation, Waldenberger Rechtsanwälte have worked for clients from a wide variety of branches of trade. This makes us independent, both economically and intellectually.

The majority of our new clients contact us as a result of a recommendation from other clients. Regular publications in the legal and business press raise our profile.

We take a long-term view with our client relationships - distinguished by a focus on the customer and mutual trust. Our clients value short communication channels, consistent support, and reliability. After all, common values create a bond.

We disclose our clients' names only with their express consent. Confidentiality is a top priority for us. For a number of our clients, we constitute their outsourced legal department.

Clients we represent at present are from the following sectors:

  • automotive industry (suppliers); 
  • automotive industry (brand coachbuilder);
  • pharmaceutical manufacturers;
  • pharmaceutical wholesale; 
  • chemical industry (special chemicals)
  • car manufacturing
  • construction equipment; 
  • data service providers (big data);
  • private equity companies; 
  • biotechnology; 
  • computer software manufacturers; 
  • energy generation (renewable energies); 
  • energy trade; 
  • energy consulting; 
  • financial services; 
  • trade associations; 
  • industrial associations; 
  • information technology; 
  • consumer goods (watches and jewelry); 
  • crypto currency enterprises
  • agricultural firms; 
  • food producers / food wholesale;
  • life science; 
  • logistics; 
  • medical products; 
  • music companies;
  • nanotechnology; 
  • optical precision devices; 
  • online media; 
  • passenger transportation; 
  • publishers houses / press distributors (wholesalers);
  • real estates;
  • telecommunications; 
  • insurance business; 
  • machine tool industry; 
  • advertising industry.