Antitrust Law

Our firm has engaged in hundreds of competition-related lawsuits for different clients over the past decade. Matters in dispute included misleading advertisement, untrue pricing information, the use of seals of approval, inaccurate statements in competition, the misappropriation of our clients' products or unfair competition on the part of public authorities. Quite frequently the German Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB) or special provisions in the German Act on the Advertising of Medicinal Products (HWG), the German Food Code (LFGB), the German Pharmaceutical Products Act (AMG), and the German Medical Products Act (MPG) played a significant role.

Our work has strengthened our clients' positions among the competition. However, in order to prevent drawn-out litigation, we focus on prevention through legal advice ahead of any planned action.

We offer advisory services in particular with respect to the wording of commercials consistent with competition law; during product launches and marketing campaigns; as well as in particular antitrust-related matters - notably press antitrust law, such as price fixing in printed media. A long-term focus of our judicial work has been on legal disputes with associations against unfair business practices and consumer protection organizations.

Examples of cases from the field of competition law over the past years include:

  • Judicial enforcement of the rights of an online firm against the misappropriation of parts of its website under competition law
  • Defense of the rights of a manufacturer of construction equipment against alleged misleading advertising
  • Defense of the rights of a retail establishment against accusations made by a consumer protection organization for illegal pricing information
  • Defense of the seal of approval used by a company in the field of hygienic services
  • Defense of a wholesaler of food against allegations regarding the violation of food regulations
  • Enforcement of the rights of a passenger transportation firm for misappropriation